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It's summer again!

Most of us know we shouldn't let ourselves burn out there, but do you really know which sunscreen is the best for you? Please, check the labels before you choose your sunscreen.

Ingredients you should be looking for:

1. Zinc and/or Titanium dioxides (active ingredients)

- the most common physical blockers - they sit on the skin and reflect the sunrays.

2. Avobenzone or Mexoryl SX (acceptable active ingredients according to EWG but I personally would not recommend them)

3. Organic inactive ingredients.

4. Broad spectrum protection.

5. Water resistant - if you plan to get wet.

6. Choose a non-comedogenic - it won't clogg your pores.

Ingredients to avoid :

1. Nanoparticles

2. Oxybenzone (can cause allergic reactions and disrupt hormones) and Octinoxate (can disrupt hormones and cause premature aging).

3.Retinyl palmitate (can damage DNA, cause aging, and may even increase the risk of cancer)

4. Other ingredients including sodium benzoate, dimethicone, phenoxyethanol, polysorbate 60, polysorbate 80, and quaternium-18 (contains formaldehyde)

5. Octocrylene (can damage cells)

6. Homosalate (can disrupt hormones)

7. Octisalate (can cause allergic reactions)

8. Added insect repellent

In general, the longer the ingredients list, the more likely you should reject it. It's the same with most of things - simpler is almost always better.

How to use :

1. Always apply sunscreen 20 minutes before your sun exposure.

2. Repeat application if your skin got wet (sweat, swimming).

3. Reapply sunscreen every 40 - 60 minutes.

Enjoy your summer and stay safe !!!

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