Gua Sha - an ancient Chinese way of facial massage

I do not know if you ever encountered a Chinese Gua Sha facial massage?

It comes from traditional Chinese medicine from the mid-15th century and it involves intensive rubbing and pressing of specific parts and points on the face and body.

Gua Sha is supposed to eliminate toxins and bring the body into balance which in Chinese medicine is called Qi energy.

If you have heard about the Chinese face map, you know that every part of our face is responsible for the internal organ; for example, the skin under the eyes shows how our kidneys and liver work. Rubbing along the nine facial meridians, compressing acupuncture points and reflexology zones, stimulates blood circulation in the organs, ie spleen, lungs, kidneys or liver, closely related to the nutrition of skin cells and the discharge of metabolic products from them.

It is a holistic, relaxing treatment that improves microcirculation - the skin regains a nice color; removes dead cells of your epidermis (the skin has more glow); removes toxin deposits. If we do massage regularly, it will support the growth of new skin cells - so we improve the tension, firmness, but also this massage eliminates wrinkles, has an effect on acne, faster healing of scars, reducing puffiness on the face, liquidation of shadows under the eyes. Because it is made with natural oils, the skin becomes radiant and perfectly nourished.

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